This book is Makaylah Safiya Williams' first book, which is based on a true story.


    She bravely travelled to The Gambia despite having fears about lions roaming the streets. When she arrived, Makaylah discovered that television did not tell the full story; there were no lions to be found only beautiful people from the African Diaspora with amazing stories to tell.


    Parents agree this is a great bedtime companion for children aged 8+. Educators can use the quiz page at the back of the book as well as the poetry challenge for classroom learning activities.


    'My First Trip to The Gambia' is a great way to teach children more about the continent of Africa and develop their confidence, self-esteem and sense of adventure.


    10% of book sales will be donated to the

    Manhood Academy for Boys' rites of passage

    programme and The Womanhood Academy for Girls.

  • Thank you all who attended my book launch

    On Saturday 4th May 2019 I had my book launch at The Redmond Community Centre inManor House.


    Over 200 people attended, it was like an African village, people were talking, children were everywhere, I was so emotional. Special guests included


    On the day there will be:

    • Andrew Muhammad
    • Alim Kamara
    • Black Arts Theatre 
    • Griot Chinyere
    • Peaches Publications
    People dressed in African attire, they looked amazing. People travelled from the Midlands, Bristol and all over London.
    I am so lucky to be apart of a loving village.
    Thank you Africa X5, Love is Just a Verb, Port Royal Patties, Womanhood Academy Michelle and Rouchelle, the guests, friends and family.

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    Makaylah Williams: debut book from 12-year-old inspired by her travels to West Africa

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    Makaylah Williams: debut book from 12-year-old inspired by her travels to West Africa

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